Vanuatu Flights

Vanuatu is magical, it holds all of the things that you would expect to have on this tropical island, plus more. Vanuatu has an abundance of long, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and clear crystal blue water. You can witness active volcanoes that are still spitting lava, or zip lining hundreds of meters above the Vanuatu scenery. Indulge in the cultural customs of the Vanuatu people with the traditional Kava drink that tastes a bit like dirty water, and will have you feeling relaxed. You can also witness the true origins of bungee jumping, in a cultural tradition where the locals jump from tall stick built tower with only 2 vines attached to their feet to bring a good yam harvest. You can truly experience island life in Vanuatu, with a bungalow on the water and a coconut drink on the beach. The locals are very friendly, and there is always something to do on this beautiful island, so get over there now.