Frankfurt Hotels

Frankfurt is the business and financial hub of Germany, it is the largest city in the German state of Hessen, and is known as a city of contrasts. Wealthy businessmen, students, and other demographics all co-exist in this city of 5 million people. Frankfurt is also known for its modern skyline, which holds the European central bank and the German stock exchange. There are many things to do in Frankfurt for the traveller, like witness the skyline from the top of the main tower, or check out the cider taverns, to taste the signature drink of Frankfurt. This city has built a reputation for being a city of the arts, with over 2 million visiting its exhibition centres and museums, which include the Stadel Museum, which is often compared to the Louvre, and the Museum of modern art. Due to Frankfurt’s central location in Germany and Europe, it is often used as a major transportation hub, and has one of the world’s busiest airports.