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Discover Africa, the cradle of civilisation and the edge of the wilderness. You’ll love Africa for its vast horizons, bustling cities, wild game and smiling people. There’s a range of accommodation from camping, lodges and hotels, bungalows, or inns, all clean and hospitable

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  • 9 nights fr $896*

    Intrepid | South Morocco Discovery

    10 days in Morocco
    From the colourful, chaotic Marrakech medinas to the moody Sahara desert landscape, Morocco is a land filled with wonder and rich culture. Stay in traditional accommodation and explore villages off the beaten track. Learn the secret to the perfect Moroccan couscous, visit...
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  • 7 nights fr $1,490*

    Intrepid | Kenya Wildlife Safari

    8 days in Kenya
    Grab your tickets to Kenya and visit Africa! Immerse yourself in the animal kingdom at the finest game parks on this amazing Kenya safari tour. Staying in the world-famous Masai Mara, experience superb wildlife viewing as well as the fascinating...
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  • 6 nights fr $1,720*

    Adventure World | Makutsi Walking Safari

    7 Day Journey in South Africa with Adventure World
    Enjoy the peace and serenity of nature in Makutsi Safari Springs where you can discover the rich array of wildlife that this stunning area has to offer.
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  • 12 nights fr $1,960*

    Intrepid | Morocco Uncovered

    13 days in Morocco
    Morocco’s culture is tightly intertwined. A blur of national identity and religion, this country’s history is a diverse tapestry, as varied as the colours woven into each carpet sold on the street. Since ancient times French, Spanish, Islamic, Jewish and ancient Berber...
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  • 17 nights fr $2,225*

    Intrepid | Morocco Encompassed

    18 days in Morocco
    Visit Morocco and discover this land of contrasts - sparkling coastlines, soaring mountains, lush valleys and the vast, unforgettable Sahara Desert. Travel in the footsteps of pirates, sultans and desert nomads, exploring the colonial architecture of Casablanca, the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, the medieval city of Fes and...
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  • 11 nights fr $2,980*

    Intrepid | Egypt Experience

    12 days in Egypt
    Travel to Cairo, Alexandria,...
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  • 9 nights fr $3,785*

    Adventure World | Handpicked South Africa & Victoria Falls

    10 Day Journey in South Africa with Adventure World
    Discover the incredible diversity of South Africa with this journey from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park, Cape Town and Victoria Falls.
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  • 26 nights fr $6,960*

    Intrepid | The Best of Tanzania

    27 days in Tanzania, United Republic Of
    With quaint rural villages, entrancing beaches, ever-smiling locals and some of the continent’s very finest game parks, Tanzania is like a one-stop shop for African travel. And, just as the name suggests, this all-encompassing Overland adventure takes in the best that it has to offer. From the wildlife that populates the savannas of the...
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  • 17 nights fr $16,745*

    World Journeys | Best of Southern Africa

    18 days, hosted journey
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