Book Stopover Flights Online!


Booking cheap flight stopovers and around the world flights online used to be impossible, but now you can from the comfort of your own home!

With Harvey World Travel you can now book cheap flights to and from most destinations in the world and include a stopover. If you're flying to London, you could have a stopover in Hong Kong on the way there and perhaps have a quick surf in LA on the way home (with a side trip to Fiji if you fancy it).

Multi City Bookings

With Harvey World Travel Online, you can book flights to as many citys as you can in one booking.


Not just for flights leaving New Zealand

Unlike other online flight booking engines in New Zealand, with Harvey World Travel Online you can book flights to and from most destinations in the world. Perhaps you've purchased a cheap oneway flight to Australia? Book a one way flight online now from Australia back home to New Zealand!


If you're lucky enough to be on your OE in Europe and fancy a weekend in New York (inc a stopover in Iceland), you can now book a return flight from Europe to New York.


Need a domestic fligtht overseas?

No problem! Don't waste your time searching hundreds of foreign websites, you can book domestic flights for travel within Europe, USA, Asia and more!


All our flights are priced in New Zealand Dollars

Stressing about poor exchange rates when booking flights online with your credit card? All our flights are priced in New Zealand Dollars. So if you book a flight from Frankfurt to Egypt, you'll know exactly what will appear on your next credit card statement.

How does it work?

Simply click the 'Get Started' button below and you're on your away.


Simply click the 'Add' button to add stopover flights & destinations.


If you only want to fly with certain airlines, you have the option to name the airlines you wish to fly with!


Once you've got all your destinations and dates in order, click on the 'Search Flights'


Fares will display in price order. 



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